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The Hareep’s babies were trapped by a series of dangerous obstacles. We need to help Hareep to rescue the babies. Collect various cards, utilize various objects in your mission to reach to the babies. Key features: ★ Many type of objects: wrench, fan, bucket, mirror, laser, bomb and so on. ★ 45 levels, 3 level […]

Fish Crisis

  Have you tried an amazing game, to control electric ray, shark, or become a fish man? Under the beautiful sea, there is no peace, there is only… Crisis. To live you must evade the mighty Shark, the devious electric ray, and all other manner of strange beast. Life feeds on life in this adventure, […]


It’s an addicting game, never gets old! It has good control, reasonable gravity and inertia. We have three game modes: 1. Exercise Mode: The plane doesn’t crash. You can practice flying in this mode. 2. Classical Mode: This is a real challenge. Try to fly as far as possible and submit your score to Game […]

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